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Athletic Club Foundation

Athletic Club, also commonly known as Athletic Bilbao, is a professional football club, based in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain.

Athletic Club as an institution, along with its supporters are characterised by their desire to defend values which are becoming increasingly uncommon in football and in sports overall in the 21st Century. The club’s pride, reflected to the hilt in the club’s policy concerning the Young Player’s Reserve, has become a uniting force which outweighs the discrepancies to be found in their daily lives, making the club’s philosophy different to any other and different to the way football is understood throughout the world.

The club is one of three founding members of the Primera División that have never been relegated from the top division, the others being Real Madrid and Barcelona. Athletic have won La Liga on eight occasions, fourth most in the history of the league. In the table of Copa del Rey titles, Athletic is second only to Barcelona, having won it 24 times (per the team’s official records; the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) recognizes 23 victories). The club also has one of the most successful women’s teams in Spain, which has won five championships in the Primera División Femenina.

Athletic Club’s CSR strategy:

Founded in 2002, the Athletic Club Fundazioa Foundation’s primary mission is to return to society part of what society gives to Athletic Club. This is accomplished through an important agenda of initiatives in the social, social-sporting and socio-cultural scopes whose main objective is to improve our society. To achieve this, the Foundation sets in motion activities and programs either individually or with the collaboration of different social agents and organizations. All Foundation activities use football and/or Athletic Club’s social, historical and cultural dimension as tools to help improve the quality of life of the people for whom they are intended.

The work of the Athletic Club Foundation would not be possible without the economic support of a series of companies and institutions (Partners and Associates) and individuals (Club Athletic) that understand that the Athletic Club Foundation project does not fall within the rationale of economic profitability, but that it is geared towards social and cultural prosperity. Furthermore, part of the actions developed is possible thanks to the selfless work of Foundation volunteers, through the Volunteer Program of the Athletic Club Foundation.

Three pillars:


The foundation delivers a series of activities in the cultural sphere. These seek to build bridges between culture and football with the objective that out of this relationship both parts mutually expand, as well as cultivate the critical reflection around football understood as a social phenomenon. In this sense, the Foundation programmes activities in areas akin to Thought, Literature, the cinema, Basque culture, Art, Photography, Media and, of course, Euskera.


The Athletic Club Foundation maintains and promotes a series of programmes destined to help in the social insertion of people and groups at risk of social exclusion. These programmes use the power of the sport, Football, and the social dimension of Athletic Club to create a series of educational and playful activities that help set into motion insertion programs by the institutions and associations that work with specific groups in the communities.


The Athletic Club Foundation launches every year a series of actions aimed at promoting sport as a participatory leisure among the youngest. The aim of these actions is to promote healthy living and the recreational dimension of sport, beyond competitive criteria. 


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The Athletic Club Foundation launches every year a series of actions aimed at promoting sport as a participatory ...

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The Athletic Club Foundation maintains and promotes a series of programs destined to help in the social insertion ...