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De Graafschap
Walking Football

De Graafschap – Oldstars

Walking Football is a variant of the game which helps people of 55+ to do sports and exercise. The principles of Walking Football are more or less the same as in football, but there are some exceptions made in the rules so that everyone can participate. The social component is very important for these elderly people because it encourages social encounters.

De Graafschap has a team of former 1st team players who meet each other on a bi-weekly basis to promote Walking Football within the region. The Oldstar team trains every two weeks and plays a match every month against another regional Walking Football team. We also actively promote walking football throughout the region by sessions, visits of nursing homes and others with a focus on the 55+ group. They also participate in small and large tournaments against other teams. The gentlemen are also often actively involved in other social activities.

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