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Excelsior Street League

The Excelsior Street League is a street football competition between different neighbourhoods in Rotterdam. The competition is not only based on sportive success but also on the social performance of the team. The competition shall teach the children and young adults about characteristics as winning, losing and working together. An essential part of the Street League is the bonus/malus system. Two-thirds of all competition points can be earned by non-match points. Points are awarded for fair play and good behaviour before, during and after a match. Next to that, not only the team but also the player’s supporters are being assessed. Additionally, points will be awarded for positive contributions and behaviour during sessions and theme evenings.

Theme evenings play an important educational role in the Street League programme. Excelsior offers various theme evenings that address topics related to the pillars of the foundation. These pillars are sports participation, health, reintegration, education and security.


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