FC Emmen – Shirt Action

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The Netherlands
FC Emmen
Social Awareness, Fundraising

FC Emmen – Shirt Action

Through the ‘Shirt Action’ project, FC Emmen provides different social projects, charities, and associations the opportunity to put their names on the club’s jersey. Thus, the organisations benefit from the reach of FC Emmen to raise awareness of their actions.

During the football season, ‘Shirt Action’ enables three different charities or social initiatives name and logo to be shown on the shirt of FC Emmen, free of cost. This year, M&GEZOND (‘Emmen Healthy’), Youth Fund Sports & Culture Drenthe and Spieren voor Spieren (Muscles for Muscles) have been chosen. With the exposure of the Eredivisie, FC Emmen wants to bring particular attention to these initiatives.

However, the ‘Shirt Action’ project is not just about putting the name on the shirts, FC Emmen also supports the selected charities or social initiatives, year-round to create awareness and help with raising funds.

M&GEZOND stands for stimulating the inhabitants of the municipality of Emmen to actively work on their health. Inhabitants are encouraged and challenged to come up with ideas that make their neighbourhood healthier and to play an active role in the process.

Spieren voor Spieren
In the Netherlands, around 20,000 children have a rare muscle disease. Spieren voor Spieren dreams of a world in which children no longer suffer from muscular diseases. With partners, sports, events and using ambassadors, they try to raise the funding to reach that goal with the money used to fund research and diagnostics, treatment, care, tools and events.

Youth Fund Sports & Culture Drenthe
The Youth Fund Sports & Culture Drenthe makes it possible for young people who come from poor families, to join a sports club or some other creative activity. For those children, the organisation pays their tuition fee and in some cases provides the required equipment.