FC EMMEN – United stronger than alone

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The Netherlands
FC Emmen
Health, Social Inclusion

FC EMMEN – United stronger than alone

In collaboration with the Huize Odoorn centre, FC Emmen created the ”United stronger than alone” project. The main goal is to socialize elderly people who are too often isolated.

Loneliness among senior citizens is a much-discussed topic in the Netherlands. Yet the truly lonely elderly are rarely reached because social contact is not easy. Together with Huize Odoorn, a local centre for the elderly, and the VSB Fund, the project ‘United stronger than alone’ was developed.

Every month a fun or educational activity is organised, for which any elderly who want more social contact are invited. The elderly, now a group of more than 75 people, come from all over the province and transportation is provided where needed. The programme has been a great success and has already seen its first friendships developing.

Other than the monthly activities, the elderly participants are helped intensively to counter loneliness as a group. One example of the support the project has provided is helping the participants found a fishing club together.

In short: united stronger than alone!