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FC Eindhoven Foundation – Health Programmes

FC Eindhoven wants to be an accessible club where everyone can quickly feel at home, regardless of age, background, gender, or football talent. In addition, the club will be more visible and, above all, do more for the Eindhoven resident. To really get a place in the life of this Eindhoven resident, FC Eindhoven wants to enter the neighborhoods and districts with activities, initiatives and events, so that people can be helped. The club realizes this through the FCE Foundation.


The programmes are solved under three pillars: Healthy, Happiness, and Equal. Any initiative, activity, or event established by the FCE Foundation is under one of several of these interrelated pillars.


  • FCE Oldstars Walking Football

Walking Football is a form of football in which at walking pace on a quarter field is played. The participants meet weekly to train. The aim of Walking Football is for people over 55 physical and social movements. By continuing to play football, the elderly are active, but also in contact with each other. In addition to moving, the social aspect is very important. After each training, there is room to sit and relax together talk while enjoying a cup of coffee.

  • FCE School football tournament

The FCE Foundation wants to give all young people in the region the opportunity to play football together as accessible as possible. This tournament is for all primary and secondary schools in Eindhoven and the Kempen region. Respect is a very important item during the tournament.

  • FCE Street League

The FCE Street League is the street football competition in Eindhoven and the Kempen for children from groups 7 and 8 of primary school. During it school year they compete with each other to determine who is the sportiest school is, both on and off the field. In addition, dealing with social themes in the classroom is also one part of the Street League, they will also receive workshops on this. The aim of the Street League is to raise awareness within the target group to create.

  • FCE Football Memories

Bringing back football memories together, that’s the essence of Football Memories. FC Eindhoven wants to bring people together again through this activity. Football Memories focuses on preventing loneliness through meaningful encounters to take. This activity occurs every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month in the Jan Louwers Stadium. The target audience of Football Memories is the elderly (over 60s).

  • FC Eindhoven Fit / Kicksfit

FC Eindhoven Fit / KicksFit is a new and unique concept, that fitness and football training in workouts of at least one hour. By the fitness elements from functional training, you train your entire body with FC Eindhoven Fit body that keeps you in balance and improves your condition, your muscle strength and your soccer technique at once. That way you can just play football and get stronger without having to go to the gym.