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The Netherlands
Feyenoord Rotterdam

Feyenoord Jobscorer

Rotterdam’s Municipality works closely together with young people, who are experiencing difficulties with integrating in the labour market. Also Feyenoord Rotterdam has established a Community and Social Responsibility programme, which assists young people in finding employment. The ‘Jobscorer’ programme is a collaboration with the UWV and started in 2012.

Each year, the club offers many young people a place within the organisation and supports them with finding a job. Often, a placement is being found in one of the companies with which Feyenoord partners. By now, more than sixty young people have been involved in the programme giving them the opportunity for a brighter future.

Thanks to this success, in 2016, the Feyenoord Jobscorer programme could be expanded to the ‘Assist’ programme meant for students in special secondary education.

Match Days

One part of the Jobscorer programme are the Match Days at Feyenoord Rotterdam’s stadium De Kuip. Young people from the Rijnmond region, are invited to a two-days training, which includes meeting potential employers. This is seen as a great opportunity, since many young people, who are lacking education, qualification or certain skills increasingly experience difficulties of being invited to regular job interviews. Attending the matches and getting in contact with potential employers gives them the opportunity to network.

During the first Match Day, the participants learn how to introduce themselves, including stating their motivation and outlining their qualification. At the second Match Day, the participants bring a business card, a resume and have the opportunity to meet and introduce themselves to potential employers. For most of the participants, the second interview leads to a follow-up appointment at a company.


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