GNK Dinamo – Equality = The Only Choice

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GNK Dinamo Zagreb
Anti-discrimination, Anti-racism

GNK Dinamo – Equality = The Only Choice

”Equality = The Only Choice” is an on-going independent project carried by GNK Dinamo since 2012 in order to stand against racism and discrimination in football.

Started of like a photo campaign in 2012, ”Equality = The Only Choice” is the club’s firm stance over intolerance and discrimination in football, and society in general. The club recognises the equality between everyone around the world, and the right to live a normal life, to have a normal and to develop themselves freely, regardless of places of origin, life opportunities, skin colors or capabilities.

Therefore, GNK Dinamo developed this project to emphasize the importance of diversity, equality, and equality as the only option in football, sport, and society. At GNK Dinamo, there is only room for equality.


Each year, GNK Dinamo focuses on a different topic regarding anti-racism and anti-discrimination.

  • Since 2012, the club has been running a campaign to fight against racism and discrimination
  • The project includes players of Dinamo’s first and second team, Dinamo’s football school, Dinamo women’s football club, other Zagreb clubs and/or individual athletes
  • The aim of the project is to promote equality and diversity

2014 – video story with the players from the first team and the football school – nationality, skin color, language
2015 – players from the first team and children from the open school – nationality, skin color, language
2016 – players from Dinamo’s first team and players from Dinamo women’s football club
2017 – players from the first team at the practice of children from the open school
2019 – football match of Dinamo’s players and the representatives of the Croatian Red Cross – nationality, skin color, language

  • For this project, CFC Dinamo was included in the top 3 sports organizations at the European level by the Peace and Sport organization under the patronage of Prince Albert of Monaco
  • Long-term implementation of a part of the campaign “NO TO VIOLENCE! NO TO RACISM!” at home matches of CFC Dinamo by displaying the campaign’s message on the screens and the scoreboard
  • A long-term project that allows children from various associations to go out on the field with the players before the game – players’ companions program

Equality = The Only Choice