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Inter Campus
Education, social inclusion, health, sport participation


Inter Campus Italy was set up in 2011. The project started by helping 40 boys and girls from CeAS (Centro Ambrosiano di Solidarietà) at Milan’s Parco Lambro, on the outskirts of the city. It houses, among others, Roma families.

The project’s main aim is to organise sporting and educational activities to help prevent Roma children from social exclusion.

Since 2012 Inter Campus Italy has started a new project, in collaboration with the Department of Pediatric Oncohaematology of the Monza Hospital and with the Maria Letizia Verga Committee. Aim of this project is to develop an initiative that wants to emphasize the significance of Sport in recovery from childhood leukemia and lymphomas.

As part of the initiative, Inter Campus regularly organizes fun play sessions and training for girls and boys in the process of healing and healed from leukemia. The activity is prepared by integrating the expertise of Inter Campus and the medical staff, creating a specific formula suitable for these young participants.

The main message of the collaboration is to show that, in most cases, a child who has had a disease oncohematology can return to a normal life and start over, or start to play sports. Sport, play and sharing are a right for all children and contribute to physical, emotional and social recovery, especially in these children that, at early age, have already been forced to face great difficulties.

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