Istanbul Başakşehir FK – “Sport is Good for You” Project

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Istanbul Başakşehir FK – “Sport is Good for You” Project

IBFK’s “Sport is Good for you” project, which was prepared based on the fact that children experience a difficult disaster such as an earthquake and need intermediary activities such as sports in order to continue their normal lives afterwards. This project launched in cooperation with Başakşehir Municipality, Marmara University and Istanbul Başakşehir Football Club.

It will take place in İstanbul Başakşehir FK facilitieswith the attandance of 9-14 years old 60-80 kids and lasts for 2 months for the first phase. For the second phase of the project, it will extand to more kids in Kahramanmaraş, one of the most affected areas within the earthquake zone with also an extanded content and design.

The content focused for the project consists of some basic topics to make a positive effect on basic life skills as emotional stabilisation, psychologic well being, group dinamic, mindfulness practices and communication. The content will be implemented through recreational exercises.

While Başakşehir Municipality is taking the role to reach out to the kids and their families, bring them into the project and providing the logistics, Marmara University supports the project by dedicating their academics and psychologists for the design, preparation and implementation the whole content. İstanbul Başakşehir FK provides the necessary facilities and supplies for the execution of the project and contribute the recovery process of the kids with money can’t buy experiences, occasionally. 

The project is also a part of the Club’s Good Health and Well Being focus which is one of the areas in their social responsibility work alongside education and environmental sustainability.