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KAA Gent – Elk Talent Telt

In 2014, the city of Ghent and KAA Gent started a new programme that provided an important role for the KAA Gent Foundation in the support of youth football in Gent. 15  grassroots football clubs in Ghent accepted the invitation of the KAA Gent Foundation to start a cooperation. Together the clubs have one goal: creating a pleasant football environment in Ghent where the well-being of the children and youngsters is key and where every young player (male or female) gets the opportunity to develop both on a personal and on a sportive level because Elk Talent Telt – Every Talent Counts.

Since the start of the programme, all football clubs in Ghent clubs with a youth department joined the programme and it now consists out of 200 youth coaches and over 3000 young players. Accessible training for youth trainers, youth coordinators and club directors strengthen the base of the Ghent’s football clubs.

Football clubs are the most easily accessible sport clubs in Ghent. A football club in the neighbourhoods of Dampoort, Brugse Poort or Nieuw Gent is a small version of the society in Ghent. Football clubs are organisations where all people from Ghent come together, regardless of their ethnic background, cultural background or social-economic situation. The community programmes of KAA Gent Foundation organised on city level can be organised by the grassroots clubs on a neighbourhood level.

Together with the Elk Talent Telt programme partners, the KAA Gent Foundation develops the tools for clubs to evolve into open and accessible clubs at the neighbourhood level who cooperate with KAA Foundation to deliver the Buffalo League in their neighbourhood, offer walking football matches to grandparents and/or create opportunities for G-football (football for people with disabilities) or women’s football.