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KRC Genk Younited

Whether it’s the warmth of the dressing room or the adrenaline on the pitch, the intoxication of victory or the sadness of defeat: at KRC Genk Younited, they share ups and downs. Their players find more than just teammates in their team, they also find a home there.

Regardless of origin, age or walk of life, the feeling of stepping into a dressing room and finding a home there is universal. It gives wings to the players of a Younited team, they find there they have a positive identity and energy to give their lives a new direction.

Building self-confidence, developing a better self-image, starting from one’s own strengths and abilities, bringing structure back into one’s life, the strength of the group and the feeling of belonging somewhere: this is what the coaches of Younited teams want to offer their players. Taking the first step towards a new beginning.

Football is just a tool, but what a tool. No sport has such broad support. Younited Belgium has been around for 11 years and in that time span has built up a lot of experience.

At the KRC Genk grounds, several men and women train every week under the expert guidance of KRC Genk.

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