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OL Fondation

OL Fondation – Ma Chance, Moi Aussi

Winner of the call for fan initiative projects organised for the 10th anniversary of the OL Foundation, Ma Chance, Moi Aussi is a civic and social organization dedicated to providing educational support to French children from families with difficulties living in priority neighbourhoods, from primary school to college level.

To date, Ma Chance, Moi Aussi has opened four centres in the Chambéry region, offering daily help to local children thanks to the association’s hired educators. Nearly 70 children participate in the organisations’ various programs: help with homework; exposure to music, sports, arts; vacations, etc.

The OL Foundation supports Ma Chance Moi Aussi for setting roots in Lyon, through the opening of a centre in the city’s 8th district in 2018, as well as a future location at Groupama Stadium beginning in 2019.

Lyon players and the entire Olympique Lyonnais family assist these children in their educational journeys.

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