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18 Jul
The 7th Edition of the EAFF Junior Camp will take place in Belgium. Picturesque Blankenberge will be buzzing with the energy of young amputee football enthusiasts. This year, we are thrilled to announce that it’s co-organized by the Clube Brugge Foundation! As a part of the Nobody Offside Project. Let’s make the 7th Read more


NBS EduWORLD is a Horizon Europe project at the crossroads between nature-based solutions and education, a forerunner project blending the two topics. The result is a unique consortium bringing together researchers, educators, NBS practitioners, and even sports community members with the common goal of creating engaging and locally relevant educational materials centering the environmental, social, and professional merits of NBS.

The need for NBS experts and other environmental professionals will only grow as the world faces the social, economic, and environmental consequences of climate change and strives to achieve a climate neutral economy. NBS EduWORLD provides educators with the resources to empower and inspire the decision makers and NBS professionals of tomorrow.

Access the NBS EduWORLD website from here

Click here to download the Deliverable D5.1: NBS Knowledge Stream Guidelines.

Click here to download the Deliverable D6.1: Scenarios Of Plausible Futures For NBS In Education.