PFC Ludogorets 1945 – Aurubis training summer camp

Project details

PFC Ludogorets 1945

PFC Ludogorets 1945 – Aurubis training summer camp

Main objective:

PFC Ludogorets 1945 firmly believes that young people should have access to sport activities independently of their financial situation and physical and social capabilities. The club sees football as a valuable means to motivate children and  support them in the development of their skills and talents.
The project  ‘Aurubis training summer camp’ has a large social impact, contributes to the regional development and stresses the importance of sport participation among children in Bulgaria.

Project description:

In 2016, the project “Arubis training summer camp” was established. Today, it has become a tradition and gives more than 130 children the opportunity to receive professional training at the best raining facility in Bulgaria.
The children participating in the five-day training camp are aged between 10-12 years old and have different social, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Throughout the trainings camp they have access to free sportswear, accommodation, food and medical care.
The training is given by professional staff members of the Ludogorets Academy allowing the children and their parents to get familiar with the training methodology of the club and their academy.
All children, participating in the trainings camp actively take part in different sessions during the five days. The staff members are applying a broad range of essential techniques and exercises to guide the groups.
During the 5 days famous Bulgarian player will visit the training camp to positively influence the children by telling about their career and answering questions.
Next to the training, the children moreover get the possibility to visit the Ludogorets Arena, the locker rooms, watch a video about the club and have a look at the trophies won by the club.
This experience shall positively motivate the children in working towards goals and always remaining motivated in achieving them.
Next to the football related activities children also get among others the opportunity to visit the historical museum and the fortress if the ancient city Abritus.
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