Refugees and football – Who is doing what and where

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Refugees and football – Who is doing what and where

The integration of refugees into Europe presents one of the greatest challenges, find out what football is doing.

The greatest movement of people seeking refuge in Europe since the second world war is taking place across the continent. The total numbers of people escaping war and poverty by seeking a new home in Europe will be in excess of 1 million people.

The challenges these numbers present are manifold with the re-settlement of individuals and families a priority, alongside the need to ensure their longer-term inclusion into society.

Fare believes that sport can play a role in helping to meet some of the challenges faced by new arrivals and ensure the safe integration of individuals into communities.

Offering space and friendship to participate in football

Activists and volunteers across Europe have been involved in supporting refugees over recent months. One of the ways of doing so has been through the simple act of offering space and friendship to participate in football through grassroots clubs to help newcomers integrate.

Fare has created a database of grassroots organisations, teams and football clubs that are actively welcoming refugees or organising training sessions and other initiatives to help refugees find a place.

The database aims to give migrants and activists the opportunity to find out about teams near where they live and how they can get involved.

The list is not comprehensive. If you know about a team or club that works with refugees, or if you want to set up a group or team, please get in touch by sending an email to

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