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SC Heerenveen Foundation Programmes

The societal mission at SC Heerenveen and the SC Heerenveen Foundation is to strive for a vital and healthy community, encompassing Heerenveen, its immediate surroundings, and the province of Fryslân. This encompasses welcoming everyone, with a particular focus on vulnerable target groups. An inclusive and supportive community is aimed to be created where personal growth is encouraged, and where everyone has the opportunity to actively participate in society. Employing football as a means and maintaining a strong connection to the community, the focus is on building a hopeful future for all, ”wy tinke oan moarn”.

SC Heerenveen Activates

Starting from 2023, in collaboration with Base to Work and the COA (Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers), an activation project will be facilitated for 15 recognized refugees. By providing education on Dutch society to these recognized refugees from the moment they arrive at the asylum seeker center (azc), they can integrate and participate more quickly and effectively. The goal is to give them a “flying start” in the Netherlands, so that they can immediately proceed with the integration modules outlined in the new integration law once they are allocated housing. The COA North Region, SC Heerenveen, and Base to Work are coming together, each bringing facilities, networks, knowledge, and expertise to support this target group effectively. The aforementioned parties have initiated this collaboration to provide an activation program for these recognized refugees. Through activation training, sports and physical activity, as well as individual coaching, participants receive education about Dutch society. The activation program lasts for a total of 20 weeks and is intended for recognized refugees who will be living in Heerenveen or the surrounding area.

Score a Book!

Score a Book! is a nationwide and unique reading project in which the Frisian libraries, primary schools, and SC Heerenveen cooperate to promote reading enjoyment in children. Under the motto “You can score anywhere,” the reading program Score a Book! has been launched. The project leverages the power of football to stimulate reading motivation and pleasure among students and families. It connects reading and sports, using professional footballers as role models. With this project, we reach 2,000 children (and parents) in our community.

Our Frisian Heart of the Eleven Cities

In collaboration with Medprevent, efforts are made to expand the coverage of a resuscitation network by providing AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and resuscitation training to season ticket holders, volunteers, sponsors, and staff.