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Society- Atheltic Club Foundation

The Athletic Club Foundation maintains and promotes a series of programs destined to help in the social insertion of people and groups at risk of social exclusion. These programs use the power of the sport, Football, and the social dimension of Athletic Club to create a series of educational and playful activities that help set into motion insertion programs by the institutions and associations that work with specific groups in our communities.

Programmes – social scope:

Examples of the Foundation work in the social scope is the team RAIS Athletic Club Foundation destined toward homeless people in Biscay, the Ahalegina Program geared towards intellectually handicapped children, the Basque Liga of Adapted Sports which we sustain along with the Basque Federation of Adapted Sports or the football teams with the vocation of social inclusion set into motion along with Bakuva Association in Bilbao La Vieja.

Additionally, the Foundation collaborates with third party organizations in projects of social development in so-called Third World countries, either through donations of sports equipment, or through actions developed in-situ by the Foundation through the Athletic Club personnel volunteers. Two examples of this last one are the field work developed in Wukro (Ethiopia) and Jutiapa (Honduras) with the presence of Athletic Club players.

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