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The Netherlands

Vitesse GOALS

1000 children getting started to achieve a healthier lifestyle

Vitesse GOALS is a new social health initiative of Vitesse Community Foundation. The programme focuses on children aged 6 to 12 years old who live in the Malburgen – Immerloo District.

A key issue highlighted within these neighbourhoods is the increased levels child obesity, lack of physical activity and local provision which does not meet the Dutch Healthy Exercise standards. Vitesse Betrokken is committed to teach primary school pupils the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

The programme is being delivered in 5 schools in Malburgen – Immerloo District Arnhem. All groups will work towards an eight-week intervention programme, through interactive football games, they will learn what healthy food is and why exercise is so important.

First team players of Vitesse will also be involved in this process by visiting the schools and teaching participants on what it takes to be a professional athlete. Through this collaboration with the school, Vitesse will support the schools with preparing and implementing the school’s health policy in line with Dutch Healthy Exercise Standards Policy.

This innovative programme will complement the work that Vitesse currently delivers through the after school programme which focusses on child obesity and improving physical activity involving parental engagement whilst providing pathways to joining  local sports clubs within the district.

The Vitesse Goals programme is working in partnership with Sport Impuls, Municipality of Arnhem, Sportbedrijf Arnhem, JOGG, VU University Medical Center, Gelderland Sports Federations and the five elementary schools from Malburgen – Immerloo.




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