Football Clubs

Football Clubs

DSC_0359Members of EFDN benefit from the increased visibility of their local work and its impact by gaining exposure on a European and global level. This includes the exchange of good practices, staff and participant exchanges and many other benefits stemming from promoting and strengthening local programmes in the field of Development through Football.

European clubs can become network members if they are, or would like to become, a community engaged professional football club either through the club itself or their associated registered charity, foundation or trust.  Development through Football must play a central role in the organisation’s sustainable programmes and the organisation needs to be willing, and able, to share and exchange its knowledge and experience with other clubs in the field of Development through Football.

The organisation should be in the position to allocate resources for the networking process and be interested in its own continual development.  Organisations applying for network membership must therefore have a sustainable structure and work with a long-term outlook.

The network accepts new applications for membership at all times. and any applications will be evaluated in cooperation with current network members.  If you are interested in becoming a network member, please submit an application letter by e-mail with your organisation’s information to