De Graafschap – Special Eredivisie

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The Netherlands
De Graafschap
Social Inclusion, Disabilities

De Graafschap – Special Eredivisie

Since the 2019/2020 season, De Graafschap has a team for twelve young football talents with a disability, who represent the club in the Special Eredivisie. Their dream came true to officially be a player of the club! During the Special Eredivisie, players shine on the field. They are really enthusiastic and show that everyone has their talent. By playing in the Eredivisie these players get more confidence and make new friendships. The Special Eredivisie shows how important sports are for children with disabilities. The players of De Graafschap are treated like real pros and have monthly training sessions at the club’s facilities. The team plays at Stadium De Vijverberg once a year and visits other clubs throughout the season, of course with the bus of the first team.

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