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FC Midtjylland – Together On The Field

FCM Samfund‘s project Together on the field is focused on motivating and inspiring community participation of young people.

Community, social activities and the opportunity to see role models and even be a role model have proven to be important for young people’s well-being and courage in getting into education and jobs. Together with TrygFonden, FCM Samfund attempts to create security and ensure that young people are part of positive communities that strengthen their ability to take responsibility for their own and others’ well-being.

The project involves and collaborates broadly with companies, educational institutions, partner clubs and municipalities. Here, networks are created – among young people, companies and the educational institutions in the region.

The project plan has taken this form because FCM Samfund believes in the value of communication, roles and collaboration. On a football field, everyone has a special place on the team that needs to be filled and that is also the case in a workplace. The teachers involved with “together on the field” attempt to help young people transfer their skills from the football team to life off the field by working holistically – working with the whole person; physically, mentally and socially.

Some examples of how this is done include:

  • Group socialisation initiative – A broad two week activity with the purpose of creating a calm friendly environment to promote self-introductions skills, recognition of talents and roles and how to utilise them, recognition of differences and similarities, as well as how to work as a group.
  • Football Fitness – Regular fitness training promoting healthy living, energy, belonging and team building as well as cooperation. The course material of Football Fitness is founded on research relating to the health effects of regular training in football – based on pioneering work by Peter Krustrup, professor of sports and fitness, University of Southern Denmark.
  • How the mind, brain and nervous system work – A presentation illustrating the interconnected relation between the nervous system, brain and the concept of mind. The purpose is to help provide understanding and tools for participants to work through problems that arise in life as well as how to, overall, be more focused and happier.
  • Conversation training – An activity with the goal of helping the participants be more open about themselves and accepting of others. It includes groups of two talking and sharing in an open direct fashion.
  • Breath control – A presentation on the importance and ability to control ones breathing.
  • Body therapy – An interactive presentation on the mind body relationship with a focus on self-help.
  • How the comfort zone is ruining your life – A video examining the positives and negatives of what people perceive as in and out of their comfort zone as well as how leaving one’s comfort zone in the correct contexts can be a healthy experience. This is also a great example of participation from those in “together on the field” as it was introduced by a participant.

The overall goal for participants is to teach and promote self-help, mastery over one’s daily life, communication and socialising skills as well as adaptability relating to these skills, and a greater involvement in the community in a positive way through active participation with an emphasis on mutual support.