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FC Midtjylland

FC Midtjylland was only founded in 1999 and less than 20 years later have won the Danish championship twice. In 2015 and in 2018, making them the most successful team in Denmark over the past five years. Since 2015, the club has been playing in the Europa League qualification every year and in 2015  qualified for the group stages where they played against Napoli, Club Brügge and Legia Warszawa, qualifying for the next round along with Napoli where they beat Manchester United 2-1 at home and then lost at Old Trafford.

The Club itself, have strong values and are much more than a football club. The club truly believes that sport unifies despite culture, language and social status.

The vision:

Through its Community Trust, FCM Samfund, FC Midtjylland cultivates and celebrates unity and wants to create well-being and togetherness. It is their very clear goal to create an increased quality of life by helping and moving people to reach their life goals.

Through the strength of the sport and the ability to engage and inspire, FC Midtjylland will make a difference. The club uses togetherness to strengthen social cohesion and create well-being. History shows that togetherness can move mountains and for FC Midtjylland it’s about reaching out and making a difference for people in their region. The club works in harmony with the local clubs, the life of the people and societal challenges.

FC Midtjylland acknowledges the importance of the interaction between volunteers, social associations, local and regional companies and the local authorities.

The work:

FC Midtjylland is involved in several CSR programmes:

  • FCM Club collaboration: All clubs in FCM Club collaboration are automatically involved in sporting cooperation. The collaboration includes a lot of sporting opportunities including experiences for children, coaching courses, FCM Football School etc.
  • Lose and win: “Lose and win” is a weight loss programme for men and women that goes beyond only weight loss. It aims to facilitate social inclusion. The programme includes workshops about health guidance, how to train properly but also an invitation to a match of FC Midtjylland with all the participants. The project runs for 12 weeks in collaboration with the 136 FC Midtjylland partner clubs. As a result, 80% of the women have continued to meet up at the club and do their practice.
  • Back on Track: Back on Track” is a new project for young job seekers who lack the motivation and resources to search and find a job. The project has been running with Herning Municipality. Currently, 27 people have been participating and 15 of them are now employed.
  • Christmas-help: Christmas-help” is a programme that helps poor families by offering to kids FC Midtjylland training clothes, sports bag, football, towel, a ticket to a Superliga match and most importantly, one-year free subscription to the local football club. The goal of this programme is to include kids in the association’s community and thereby be able to break the social heritage. All kids from the 2017 promotion have started out playing football in their local club.

To support their different projects, FC Midtjylland leans on:

  • 136 cooperative clubs
  • 5,000 volunteers
  • 568 regular participants

FC Midtjylland CSR work has an impact on:

  • Over 10 municipalities
  • 240,000 households
  • 570,000 inhabitants

FCM Samfund and the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

FC Midtjylland has aligned its work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The projects of FC Midtjylland are particularly relevant to three main goals:

  • No poverty: Sport can develop transferable skills and toolkits which play a key role in a self-reliant and sustainable life and lead to income-generating activities and economic participation. It can advocate for ending poverty as well as generate funds and facilitate partnerships.
  • Good health and well-being: Through sport, individuals can adopt active lifestyles that enhance well-being, health and prevent diseases, particularly noncommunicable diseases. Sport can be a successful tool for health, education and awareness raising towards healthy lives, especially among hard-to-reach individuals and communities.
  • Partnerships for the goals: The global reach, unmatched popularity and universal character of sport make it a versatile means of implementation. Sport can pool resources, create synergies, and build multi-stakeholders networks and partnerships for sustainable development and peace goals by bringing together a wide variety of actors.


FC Midtjylland has built strong partnerships with DK Company and Alpi Danmark , which support FCM Samfund through financial donations. Also, Nike is FC Midtjylland sponsor and they sponsored FCM Samfund Christmas Help Programme with material donations (clothes and bag).


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