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Fradi School Program

In 2015, Ferencváros started a brand new project. For the 2015/16 school year, the club arranged many visits to various schools all around the country. This project is called Fradi School Program.
The visits start with an hour-long interactive program. It includes podium interviews with sports stars of Ferencváros, where the students also have the opportunity to ask questions. The Fradi-anthem and a short video about the club’s Olympic champions are presented. Students quizzed from the present and past of Ferencváros: the good answers are worth Fradi branded gifts.

Our most liked present is the match ticket! We provide all the students an opportunity to visit a home game with either parent for free. After the set program, the children go wild for autographs and joint photos. Many of the latter are instantly uploaded on various social media sites, creating a clear and hopefully lasting connection between the children and Ferencváros. Official photos are also made: the students can look for themselves in the photo galleries, articles and videos of the website, the club’s official Facebook-page and Youtube-channel, and the Fradi TV; thus, these are also promoted among the children.

FTC invests into the youth to gain even more supporters for the future. Our other goal is to present the children a healthy and active lifestyle and encourage them to follow it. The Fradi School Project-group always includes two or three successful athletes from Ferencváros. The motto is: “Come, do sports, be part of the Fradi family!”

In all, Fradi School Program was presented in nearly 50 schools, reaching an audience of 14000 children! There were also dozens of schools where we couldn’t go, so the program for 2016/17 is almost set.


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