Galatasaray – Awareness of children’s rights

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Chrildren's Rights

Galatasaray – Awareness of children’s rights

Picture21With the aim of raising awareness of children’s rights, Galatasaray AS started a cooperating with UNICEF, the first initiative of its kind in Turkey.

Galatasaray started a cooperation with the UN Body after participating in the ECA campaign, #90minsforhope which raised €1.3m for UNICEF.

The collaboration focuses on raising awareness for children’s rights. After FC Barcelona, Manchester United and Olympiacos, Galatasaray is the forth club to join the initiative. Galatasaray sees it as their responsibility to invest in today’s children, thereby making sure that fans and athletes are able to find their place in society.

Through the UNICEF cooperation, Galatasaray aims at helping children, including those who have fled their countries.

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