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Galatasaray AS – Children Stand

Picture2For years, kids in Turkey sneaked into the stadium without tickets to watch the match next to their fathers in the stands. What took plays throughout the 20th century also did not change with the start of the new millennium. Children kept being ignored, even when clubs started sanctioning the conduct and reorganised the stands in a way that the children were in the stands together with women. However, in the season 2016/2017 Galatasaray took action after the society was reminded that children are entitled to the same rights as adults are.

Since the 2016/2017 season, Galatasaray reserves 1500 season tickets on the northeast stand for children. Next to that, children that are linked to the Society for the Protection of Children, certain NGO, the Galatasaray Sports Academy, the Nef’s Education Foundation and children of martyred soldiers are able to enter the stadium free of charge.

Children are able to enjoy the matches throughout the season in their own stand, together with their guardian. Additionally, the children are able to participate in education activities and various games which are being carried out in the stands by Galatasaray.

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