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Health and Well-being

Walking Football League

The Walking Football League aims to deliver health-enhancing physical activity to people over the age of 50 years old, as well as provide opportunities to increase social inclusion levels allowing them to lead a physically and socially active lifestyle in their European community. The Walking Football League will further develop Walking Football as a sustainable sport in Europe and raise the profile of the game.

Local, national and European leagues

In this new project, EFDN and Partners will develop a Walking Football League methodology that provides individual clubs the opportunity to create their own Walking Football Leagues with multiple teams on a local and regional level, which will contribute to the establishment of national Leagues and the European Walking Football League. These leagues will act as multipliers on local, national, and international level and contribute to the professionalisation of this new sport. Throughout the project, EFDN will support grassroots and professional clubs with a new practitioner’s guide to develop not only one Walking Football team, but also to provide them with the tools to create partnerships so they can cooperate with local, regional and national Football Associations and establish a framework of walking football leagues that actively promote the game of walking football on all levels. New clubs and organisations anywhere in Europe and outside of our project partnership are actively supported to set up their own Walking Football teams with our freely available resources so they can join the Walking Football Leagues on regional, national and European level.

Physical activity in a social environment  

This Walking Football League project will not only bring together nine community engaged football clubs to deliver a programme that will increase physical activity levels and improve social cohesion and inclusion for people over the age of 50 years old, it will also be the foundation to establish the new sport of Walking Football as a truly unique sport that is here to stay! The European Walking Football League will provide the opportunity for participants to take part in two European Walking Football League events per year, where they get to travel and compete against the other clubs. These international events will act as inspiration and multipliers which will plant the seed to grow the game of walking football all over Europe. The project will provide participants with the opportunity to travel, socialise with people of a similar age, and allow them to participate in physical activity in a relaxed and social environment. The project aims to assist in the development of long-lasting friendships and help to increase the confidence of those who participate.

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