Playing for Success – S.B.V Excelsior

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The Netherlands
Excelsior Rotterdam
Playing for Success

Playing for Success – S.B.V Excelsior

Playing for Success is an after-school programme developed for students from grade 6,7 and 8 of primary education and special education, who are experiencing difficulties in keeping up in school. Due to reasons as lack of self-esteem and motivation.

Playing for Success takes these students to a challenging and inspiring place outside school: the stadium of Excelsior. There, they work with other students on language, maths and computer assignments. All of these involve aspects of football to some extent. As interviews with players or calculation the budget of a football team and the dimensions of the football field. The stadium, the sport, the atmosphere of the professional football world; all these factors contribute to an environment that encourages and stimulates the students to show better performance in school. By reason that the children discover that they are capable of learning and that it can involve fun. Through PLaying4Success, the participating students regain their confidence and they are able to improve their performance in school.


Playing4Success is a 12-week programme, which consists of weekly sessions of two hours at the stadium of Excelsior. The groups consist of a maximum of 16 students from different schools of Rotterdam. An experienced teacher provides support. Interns are assisting in form of mentor to guide and encourage the children.

PLayong for Success

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